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experiments in vibrotactile and haptic feedback: solenoids and vibrating motors

Kinetic vibrotactile feedback that utilize active touch With the understanding that the tactile modality can be utilized to interpret data, including different types of data sets, there arises various possibilities with respect to how it can be utilized. Based on research, and experimentation, it appears that one potentially effective means of interpreting and controlling data […]

undulating waveforms in a physical object: a language for pattern recognition

Undulating Waveforms used with pattern recognition Given that we are able to detect kinetic patterns, and changes or modifications in kinetic patterns, a question arises as to what types of kinetic patterns could potentially be effective in transmitting and manipulating data flow. These group of experiments show that undulating patterns could be effective. In these […]

pattern recognition and identification experiments

Pattern recognition and the identification of objects with patterns A general perceptual task called pattern recognition is what we use in identifying common objects in our environments. In recognizing a pattern we store and associate it to category of previous experiences. In a bottom-up fashion, pattern recognition theories assume not only that processes are driven […]

sequenced motors controlling rhythm and pattern experiments: active and passive touch

Touch and Perception The dominance of vision as a primary sense seems to deprioritize one of our primary senses, that of touch. Touch differs from vision and hearing because tactile sense is contingent to contact and the receptors used in touch are spread over the whole body. However touch is limited to the area of […]

tactile sensor experiments: feedback and modulating electrical flow

This experiment uses a stroke sensor pad made from conductive thread and nonconductive thread, conductive fabric, and neoprene. The sensor acts as a variable to control the rhythm and pattern of the led sequence. The rhythmic pattern can be seen as an electrical flow, that is then manipulated by touching the sensor. Experiment: This experiment […]