concept_yr, mdp, tangible_digital

form_play: a form of physical and tangible play for creative rehabilitation

form_play: a form of physical and tangible play that can be introduced into what could be referred to as a “creative rehabilitation” process.

plantX: a display system

This project began as a small project where I created a piece of hypothetical, possible slightly unclassifiable, future living organism/system, called plantX. This project was about foreseeing new future social behavior and aesthetic behavior resulting from people living in an increasingly technologically and scientifically mediated world. This display system reflects these plant forms in an […]

tdi: tabbed digital interface

A tabbed document (TDI), in reference to a graphical user interface (GUI), is an interface that allows multiple windows to be contained within a single source. Tabs are normally used as a navigational tool for quickly and efficiently changing between sets of windows. This project was an exploration in thinking about how we engaged and […]

apparatus_3c: multi-user interactive reading device

This project began with the question, What is the role of design in the reading of electronic text? To further that question I was interested in how the affordances of electronic text will affect the physical form in which reading takes place? What role will digital text play in this emerging digital world we live […]

meet elsie

creating for a collaborative learning tool and environment for a new outlook toward learning and collaborating in and out of class

variable_cuboid: an interactive piece of furniture

redefining what “furniture” is and introducing a way for children to interact with and create their own narratives with a responsive mechanism

project u.gid- user generated interactive display

incorporating a child’s classroom with digital media to enhance cognitive growth