concept_yr, mdp, space_digital

the little stage: a perspective on seeing

This is a group project with myself and Link Huang. We were interested in exploring and investigating performance and reformative use of the moving image, with an interest to re-mediate images both on screen and onto architectural objects. This project proposes a space that intertwines both old forms of viewing and new forms of viewing […]

google lens: pervasive data gathering and sharing

Mind circulation and data visualization in an integrated system. A hypothetical Google analysis

eternal revolution

Mediatecture installation where viewer is engulfed with the projected scene Group project with myself and Rubina Ramchandani Original video footage used was from “Songs From the Second Floor” (Sånger från andra våningen – original title) A film poem inspired by the Peruvian poet César Vallejo. A story about our need for love, our confusion, greatness […]

non-space defined

investigating a small moment in peoples’ transitional time and space. what defines a non-space

instance of significance: finding the threshold

using sound, media, communication and time to manipulate the anticipation threshold with a reward as a result.

celebratory path experiment – people knowing

the celebratory path: the narrative was built around a concept of one path down the staircase being a celebratory space where one’s day began in a positive light.

trap and ugly dispenser experiements

people knowing experiments. will you grab something that is free? how will you react when its not?

ppm-personal proximity calculator

This was a group project with myself, Chiao Ho, and Link Huang. The project is about a personal proximity sensor. Our system incorporates a calculator that analyzes one’s biological functions i.e., their heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration and pupil dilation all in relation to their proximity in and around their vicinity. Through these sensory inputs […]

graduation ceremony: redesign

Redesign and redevelopment of Art Center’s graduation ceremony. Recreating the procession and using media in forms like 3D-video projection mapping.