concept_yr, mdp, physical


This is a versatile form in that it can be a Chandelier or Lamp. Can be used either way. Sitting on itself or hanging.

continuum: digital_analog 3d

These are concept designs for jewelry. A pendant, ring, and bracelet. They were designed in 3D software and then 3D printed in plastic and plaster.

synergy: a sacred space

Synergy is the ability for co-action and collaboration of entities or spaces to create something that is more successful or productive as result of this merger. Synergy is the delicate balance of the unity and the energy to create an ultimate harmony; what I call organized synergy.

adap_table a system for symmetry and balance

In view of my interests in creating and providing for a better collaborative and working environment, this table proposes a novel perspective on the traditional seating arrangement.

topographic study

This is a quantitative representation of relief emphasizing the isoline. The contour interval is of the same depth to represent a physical form of topographic mapping.