Good Vibrations: Wearable Device that Vibrates Fingertip Could Improve One’s Sense of Touch

“A little vibration can be a good thing for people who need a sensitive touch. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a glove with a special fingertip designed to improve the wearer’s sense of touch. Applying a small vibration to the side of the fingertip improves tactile sensitivity and motor performance, according […]

Immersion forms game studio to show off touch feedback

“Immersion, a pioneer in force feedback technology, announced today that it’s formed a new app and game studio to develop and publish apps with touch feedback technology. The studio’s first game is a pinball game for smartphones and tablets that can vibrate and shake the way a normal pinball machine would. The studio can thus […]

The use of a vibrotactile sensor as an artificial sense of touch for tissues of the head and neck

“Despite unquestionable advantages for the patient, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) brings an almost complete loss of the sensory qualities familiar to the surgeon from classic macroscopic surgery. This handicap of MIS is most dramatically exemplified by the loss of the natural sense of touch. The reimplementation of the sense of touch would clearly reduce the […]

Kyocera’s Demos Tactile Feedback Touchscreen Buttons at CEATEC

“‘New Feeling Touch Panel.’ It’s a haptic feedback touchscreen that makes pressing a flat surface feel like pushing a regular button. The demonstration included a variety of buttons, such as a jelly type, clickable, or buzzer style buttons. The buttons can also be assigned levels of depths, meaning that you could do a half push […]

Wood like material that has tactile abilities

“Kraftplex combines the characteristics of metal, composite materials and plastics. Comprised by 100% unbleached wood fibers with no added binders or adhesives, it is a stable, flexible and durably-shapeable metal akin to metal sheets. Because Kraftplex has electrically-isolating properties, it is a good alternative to conventional plastic sheeting. It is also flexible enough that 3D […]

Metal surfaces that can transform movement

“B.lab Italia’s “Metal Series” surfaces contain liquids infused with metal particles that are trapped within resilient a polymer shell. The result is an interactive floor tile or horizontal surface that responds to pressure as well as electric charge. Building occupants’ footsteps are temporarily recorded by the movement of fluids, and a high-level static charge will […]

Little fingers are more sensitive

“Smaller fingers may create a more precise sense of touch, according to a study published this week in the Journal of Neuroscience. Anecdotally, researchers have observed that women tend to have a finer sense of touch than men, but until now it wasn’t very clear why. This new research suggests that it may just have […]

The power of touch

“I wanted to understand why people feel the need to touch the art they were looking at. I believe we do it to validate what we see and to create a connection with the work. This is why museums are trying to incorporate hands-on galleries – when a person touches an object they feel a […]

Incidental Haptic Sensations Influence Social Judgments and Decisions

“Touch is both the first sense to develop and a critical means of information acquisition and environmental manipulation. Physical touch experiences may create an ontological scaffold for the development of intrapersonal and interpersonal conceptual and metaphorical knowledge, as well as a springboard for the application of this knowledge. In six experiments, holding heavy or light […]

How Things You Touch Influence the Way You Think

“Call it matter over mind: a new study shows that objects you touch may influence the way you think and behave. Our sense of touch is essential to the understanding of our environment. From infancy, we begin feeling our way around, exploring and interpreting our surroundings through touch — learning to equate a mother’s warm […]